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What's the 411?

Let's do a quick recap of what we have been up to!

We had an idea to create a safe space where people could play with tech and innovation regardless of their expertise in those spaces. We looked at some data and we created Macon Black Tech.  In the midst of our journey, we realize it was important to talk about people who were already doing dope things in the tech and innovation community.

Macon Black Tech podcast was birthed. We had 15 amazing episodes with 13 dope individuals. We dived into different topics such as how Macon Black Wall Street was birthed and what to look out for in the tech space.

We are now recording Season 2 of the podcast and we did it Human Centered Design style!!! With you in mind.

We surveyed our listeners and followers and asked what would they like to hear and got 15 topics we will be discussing. Oh, and while we're at it, we have Season 2's release date.

Are you ready? It is March 27, 2020. [ Insert confetti party here]

Also Shameless Plug: Subscribe by clicking the button below. 

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Listen to our podcast below!

We also did a thing!

We hosted a Build an app in day [ no coding background necessary]! The class started with designing with the customer in mind and next we got into mild coding. We curated an experience from the setting  of the seating to random things. It was beautiful! We met so many amazing creative individuals. We might or might not have shed a few tears. OK OK a lot of tears... We are grateful for the partners that made this event possible: Mercer Innovation Center and Mobile App Hero.

What's next? We made sure we surveyed our audience that attended to curate our next events.

We received a grant

During On The Table, we hosted a discussion on Tech and Innovation just to hear our communities thoughts on where do they ideate, innovate, and or  "Techiate" ( just kidding).

We received amazing input that we are using to build on.


A few months later, we heard the great news on receiving a mini grant for our Community Hackaton and we couldn't be more happier. Soooooo we will need your help  to plan! If you are super excited to work on solving community issues through tech and innovation shoot us an email at

Please don't be scared! No coding necessary. If you love to solve problems, you're a creative individual, or innovative come join our tribe! PERIOD POO!!!


We also forgot to mention that we pitched Macon Black Tech not once but twice.

Watch out stage Fright!!!

The 1st time was during a Boss BLK Tech networking event at HQ Auburn ( in the amazing historic neighborhood of  Auburn Avenue). It was super scary to pitch but it was an amazing crowd. We met so many awesome new friends.

HEY Friends!!!

The second time we had a chance to participate in the Entrepreneur's Academy at Newtown Macon.

Oh Em Gee! What an awesome resourceful class.  At the end of the class everyone had a chance  to pitch their business for a chance to win some $$$. We didn't win any $$$ but what we won was resources to equip us in this business world and we received great feedback from the judges on things to work on. For that we are grateful because it is more valuable than mulahh baby ( you're probably wondering who wrote this but i'm just excited that you are still reading this far!).

Thanks Newtown Macon!!!

2020 BABY

We told you about all the great things we did in 2019 so what are we doing in 2020? hmmm [ insert thinking emoji :P]

Our Favorite Mobile App Hero is coming back for another class. 

Have you ever thought about building an app before? Or wanted to be in the app building business? Or just wanted to build a business in general?


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