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Building the Foundation for Tomorrow's Founders and Innovators

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June 2024
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Telling Your Financial Story
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Macon Ecosystem Mapping with Network Analysis
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Our Services

Empowering the next generation of innovators through collaboration and creativity

MaconThon is a three-month intensive program that brings together tech-curious creative influencers, social innovators, and thought leaders of color in the Middle Georgia area, who are deeply motivated to resolve a range of social and economic challenges affecting the city we love through the development of cutting-edge technologies and entrepreneurial innovation.


Level up your skills and knowledge with Macon Black Tech's expert-led workshops.

We are dedicated to supporting early-stage founders in the tech industry or entrepreneurs creating tech enabled solutions in their businesses by offering comprehensive workshops aimed at developing essential skills for business growth. Our workshops are designed to guide you from the ideation stage to a sustainable Minimum Viable Product (MVP), and beyond, focusing on practical tools and strategies that are critical in today's competitive market.

Key Workshop Themes:


  • Navigating Funding Landscapes: Understand different funding options. Learn how to identify the right financial support for your venture.

  • Pitch Perfect: Master the art of the pitch. Learn how to communicate your vision effectively, articulate your business model, and engage potential investors.

  • Financial Planning for Startups: Develop skills in financial modeling and forecasts that are crucial for convincing stakeholders of your business's potential and sustainability.

Creating Your Deck:

  • Designing Impactful Presentations: Learn how to create compelling and persuasive pitch decks that capture the essence of your business idea and its market potential.

  • Storytelling for Startups: Harness the power of storytelling to make your pitch memorable and stand out in a crowded market.

Scaling from IDEA to MVP:

  • Startup Methodologies: Implement lean startup principles to build your MVP efficiently. Test, iterate, and validate your business hypothesis with minimal resources.

  • Product Development Strategies: Dive deep into the product development cycle, from design thinking to prototype development and user testing.

  • Using AI to operate your processes.

  • Protect you idea.

Sales Strategies:

  • Building a Sales Pipeline: Construct a robust sales pipeline that consistently converts leads into customers. Learn about sales funnel management, CRM tools, and customer engagement strategies.

  • Effective Selling Techniques: Develop skills in solution selling, negotiation, and closing deals. Tailor your sales approaches to different customer segments for maximum impact.

Networking and Support: Participants will also gain access to Macon Black Tech’s network of mentors, industry leaders, and fellow tech entrepreneurs, providing a supportive community to help navigate the challenges of starting and scaling a tech business.

By participating in our workshops, you will be equipped not just with foundational knowledge but with a strategic toolkit that enables you to move confidently from an idea to an operational and sustainable business model.

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Past Events

Collab Infusion Studio

Fuel Middle Georgia's entrepreneurial spirit and turn our entrepreneur dreams into reality  by considering a Collab Infusion Studio.

At Macon Black Tech, we embrace the wisdom of the African proverb: "If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together." This principle is at the heart of our Collab Infusion Studio, where we recognize the power of partnership in achieving sustainable growth and innovation.

Our Vision: We understand that resources for entrepreneurs, especially in the tech sector, can be scarce and fragmented. Through the Collab Infusion Studio, we aim to bridge these gaps by fostering strategic collaborations with organizations across multiple sectors. Our goal is to create a robust support system that propels our community and its entrepreneurs to greater heights.

Video Credit: Carbon Thread  (Back in The Black  partnership with Google and Black Innovation Alliance)

Call for Collaboration:

We are actively seeking to partner with organizations that are committed to fueling the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Our ideal partners include:

  • Philanthropic Organizations: Engage with us to drive social impact initiatives that support tech entrepreneurship, early stage innovations, tech-enabled solutions for Middle Georgia Entrepreneurs.

  • Research Organizations: Collaborate on studies that explore to better understand our entrepreneur and tech landscape to support our local ecosystem members.

  • Tech Organizations: Join forces to provide cutting-edge tools and mentorship to budding tech entrepreneurs.

  • Government and Public-Private Entities: Work together to align startup support with public policies and community development goals.

  • Entrepreneur Support Organizations: Combine resources to offer comprehensive training, funding, and networking opportunities.

Why Partner with Us?


Partnering with us means joining a community-focused initiative that strives for meaningful and long-lasting impact. Benefits of partnering with us include:

  • Extended Reach: Tap into a wider network of innovation in Middle Georgia.

  • Enhanced Impact: Multiply the effects of your support through joint programs and initiatives.

  • Shared Knowledge: Gain insights from diverse sectors and backgrounds, enriching your organization’s perspective and approach.

Together, We Go Further:

By collaborating, not only do we pool resources, but we also share knowledge and drive innovation that none could achieve alone. Together, we can build a thriving ecosystem that supports every entrepreneur's journey from ideation to global impact.

Join Us:

If your organization aligns with our mission and understands the critical role of collaboration in advancing our tech ecosystem, we invite you to join us. Let’s work together to create a future where our community doesn't just grow, but flourishes.

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Successful Collaboration Example: Back in the Black Initiative

This is a title.

Through the Collab Infusion Studio model, we facilitated a transformative partnership between Google and the Black Innovation Alliance for the "Black in the Black Tour." This initiative was designed to empower black-owned businesses with the tools and insights needed to navigate and thrive amid the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Impact in Macon, GA:
In Macon, this partnership culminated in a significant achievement for the local business community. One exceptional black-owned business was awarded $10,000 for demonstrating how technology could be effectively used to maintain a competitive edge during such turbulent times. This business was not only a beacon of resilience and innovation but also served as an inspiration for many others in similar circumstances.

Tour Highlights and Goals:
The "Black in the Black Tour" traveled to four cities, including Macon, GA, Twin Cities, MN, San Diego, CA, and Philadelphia, PA. The tour featured town hall meetings where business owners shared their experiences and strategies for leveraging technology to survive and flourish during the pandemic. The focus was on providing practical tips and demonstrating real-life applications of technology in business operations.

Results and Further Reach:
The awarded businesses across all cities were chosen for their innovative use of technology to overcome challenges and drive growth. Each recipient of the $10,000 prize showcased the potential of digital tools to build generational wealth and stimulate economic development in their communities. These stories were highlighted in our national roadshow tour, spreading hope and actionable strategies to a broader audience.

This collaboration exemplifies the essence of the Collab Infusion Studio model—bringing together powerful partners to create opportunities that catalyze growth and resilience among entrepreneurs. If your organization is passionate about making a difference and believes in the power of technology and collaboration, we invite you to join partner in future initiatives.

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