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Our Story

With a background in Health IT and Healthcare Innovation, Christele and Ariane Parham saw a need to create a safe space where individuals in Middle Georgia could co-create through tech and innovation in a collaborative culture. After running the idea by many friends in the tech and innovation space, Macon Black Tech was birthed in August 2019. While planning, we also discovered the need to share stories of innovators in the Tech and Innovation space, hence the Macon Black Tech Podcast.
Our main goal is to curate experiences of gatherings that allow participants to feel safe to innovate and unleash their creative power in a collaborative environment. We set the tone by intricately planning through empathy & Human-Centered Design lens. This is at our core, as we strive to create a safe space where individuals can co-create.

We love and believe in Macon and so do our participants and community partners. This is why we curate community hackathons and different events that empower our community participants to solve issues by studying out pain points and coming up with prototypes (MVP).

"Belief in oneself & knowing who you are, I mean, that's the foundation for everything great ."


Our Mission

Our Mission is to ignite the curiosity and creativity of the citizens of Macon GA by creating a safe space where everyone can co-create through tech and innovation.

Our Mission

Our Vision

To have impacted the lives of our community for the better through tech and innovation.

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