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Amplifying the voices of local innovators


Macon Black Tech Podcast

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Video Credit: LaNissa Rozier of Picturesque PR

BLKulture is a compelling docu-series that brings to light the stories of local Black professionals in the tech industry of Middle Georgia. Each episode delves into the lives and careers of these influential figures, highlighting their expertise, achievements, and the paths they have navigated to shape their careers. This series is more than just a showcase; it's a platform to expand brand awareness, enhance local networking opportunities, and foster a bridge between the burgeoning talents and established tech leaders in our community. Through BLKulture, we aim to inspire a vibrant community of innovators, from eager young starters to seasoned experts, by celebrating the rich diversity and profound impact of Black professionals in technology. Join us in discovering and connecting the voices that propel tech forward in Middle Georgia.


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