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As an Innovation and Entrepreneur supporting organization and as entrepreneurs ourselves, we been brainstorming the last two years on how to answer the following questions:

  • How Might We build solutions for our community while creating nurturing pathways for our local founders of color and innovators to succeed?

  • What gaps can we fill in our local tech and innovation ecosystem through a collaborative model?

  • How can we bring together like minded tech curious, innovators and creatives of color in Macon GA to build sustainable products while finding a community that is a safe space for them?

Through our brainstorming MaconThon was birthed. Then the pandemic happened which allowed us to tweak it and form so many cool partnerships.

MaconThon is a Community Innovation Program, in house we call it an accelerator infused Hackathon that supports innovative, tech curious, creative early stage Founders of Color in Macon GA seeking to develop a tech enabled solution for their community.

Our intensive 3 month program will provide individuals with hands-on mentorship from over 20 experts and office hours from nationwide experts in their field from across the tech and social impact space while providing some funding.

To learn more visit

To get involved or support, visit

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